Adult Superman Costume: Embrace Heroic Style

If Lois Lane likes guys in spandex, then who’s to argue? The adult Superman costume has any guy looking like a stud for his favorite Daily Planet new reporter.


How many times have you stood at the edge of a wall, on a rooftop, or even flat on the ground and just stared up into the air? How many times has the thought crossed your mind: what if? Flight. Soaring through the skies and watching the world below zip away as you redefine movement, physics, the very laws of nature bending to your will!We’ve all had that fantasy as children and, most of us, probably retain that blissful narrative for ourselves well into our adult years. Superman is more than just a symbol of justice and hope for a world gone right. He’s a source of fantastic dream that promises us that there might be enough possibility out there that we could be that hero and lift ourselves up and away from the limitations that grip us to the ground. With that joyous leap that breaks the notions of gravity to pieces, we’d take the next ‘steps’ to carry others along with us on our fantastic journey.Well, what is Halloween for but to allow you to access those yearnings? And, for this season, you need no secreted phone booth… just don this Superman costume and proudly show your true identity. The stretchy blue and red jumpsuit and matching vivid red cape are iconic and will suit your inner self flawlessly. You’ll feel literally super when you brush your hand over the crest of the El family and stretch your feet out on the ground, more than ready to take your first leap into the skies. (We, of course, recommend that you practice your newfound powers of flight on solid ground, first, and work your way to building ledges only after mastering your sustained levitation.)