Adult Root of All Evil Wig: Dive into Darkness

Poison them with evil in this Adult Root Of All Evil Wig accessory. Complete with vibrant red and green colors, this will add the right amount of evil to your costume.


Growing From Within At first, they thought she was going to celebrate a little holiday cheer. The green accents in her red hair just seemed to scream Santa! But, that’s how it always seemed to start. Soon, they’d see the green curls were hardly accents. They were spirals of doom that came from deep within. Would their delighted screams turn to ones of horror or would she simply turn those who stared upon her into stone, flowers, or perhaps some living topiary? Product DetailsWhichever kind of mysterious character you’d like to bring to life, you might find that this Root of All Evil Wig will help you add a little color to the look. The wig is a lovely head of red hair on a mesh cap with an elastic band. Throughout it, extra curly strands of green hair seem to burst from the interior! Create a brand new villain to seduce the world or bring one of your favorite venomous vixens to life.  A Head of EvilWhether you want to become the most powerful villain in history or just want to show everyone that wickedness is naturally within you, this Root of All Evil Wig is sure to grow on you. Combine it with a leafy costume to create an iconic comic character or use some unique makeup to show that your wickedness has truly deep roots! (By the end of this, perhaps your enemies will need some holiday decorations upon their own boughs!)