Adult Plus Size Ancient Pharaoh Costume

Take a step back in time with this adult plus size ancient Pharaoh costume. Available in 2X and 3X.


Ruling is hard work. Just look at the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt. You might think these guys lives were a breeze but if you dig a little deeper, you might find that things weren’t quite so grand. Sure, the ruled an entire Empire, but when they decided to build a Sphinx or a Pyramid, it would take so long to finish it that it wouldn’t even be completed in their lifetime!We guess that these Egyptians had the long game in mind, and perhaps they just wanted some sweet pyramids to hang out in after they became mummies. Well, you don’t have to become a mummy or wait for your pyramids to be built to become an ancient ruler. Just grab this signature Ancient Pharoah costume, and prepare to command the land of the Nile. We don’t know if your local building codes will allow you to construct a pyramid, but you can at least get the look right with this style!Intricate details make this costume look authentic. The ensemble is comprised of a tunic along with headpiece, neck collar, arm gauntlets and a belt. The black tunic has an attached vinyl chestpiece to look like armor, and the belt, collar, and headpiece feature black and gold stripes and printed cobra snake details.All in all, it’s definitely just what a Pharaoh would wear. Get this exclusive plus size costume for your next event, and you’ll be ready to rule, build, or just look super cool along the Nile. And when you’ve got a costume this awesome, we’re sure you’ll be ready for all of the above!