Adult Marvel Carnage Overhead Mask Accessory: Dive into Chaos

Complete your Carnage costume this Halloween when you add this Marvel Carnage Overhead Mask Accessory. This mask features Carnage’s look from the Venom movie.


We Are Carnage!Man, you thought Venom was a bad dude? Have you met Cletus Kasady? He’s the embodiment of chaos. He’s done just about every bad thing that a human can do, including double-dipping his tortilla chips into the salsa at a dinner party. When he bonded with the Carnage symbiote, he tried destroying Spider-Man, and he even tried destroying Venom, who gave birth to his newly found powers. Yes, Carnage is one of the most terrifying villains that has even graced the pages of Marvel comic books… and now, it’s your turn to assume the role of the nefarious baddie.Product DetailsThis Carnage Mask is an overhead style mask that’s officially licensed from Marvel. It’s crafted from molded latex and features a slit in back to help with fitting. The exterior is quite a sight to behold! The red and black patterns mimic the look from the comics and the textured detailing almost gives the mask a viscous, slimy look to recreate the look of a real Symbiote! The front has mesh eye holes which allow for limited vision and small nose holes assist with breathing. Just put it on and you’ll be ready to cause some mayhem for Spider-Man and Venom.Maximum CarnageWe definitely don’t recommend acting like the real Carnage when you wear this mask, but you will feel ready to take on Spidey when you wear this vicious-looking mask!