Adult Fabric Sexy Doll Mask

Well, that’s certainly not something you see everyday. You’ll be sight when you wear this Adult Fabric Sexy Doll Mask.

Items Included
  • Wig/Mask Combo


Are you looking for a new style to wear to a costume party that will guarantee some curious looks? Or, perhaps you need something to wear to an office party that shows everyone how happy you are to be there. In any case, it never hurts to sport a look that shouts “I am here to make new friends!” when you are mingling in a crowd. Whatever your situation may be, you can’t go wrong when you’re wearing this darling Sexy Doll Mask! Sure, some people might find the expression a little creepy at first, but that’s just because they don’t know the whole story. Maybe she is making that face because she just saw a really scary movie, and hasn’t recovered yet. Or, maybe she’s a world class opera singer, and is doing some face stretches to prepare for an upcoming performance. Party guests will be lining up to find out more!