Adult Dexter’s Laboratory Dexter Costume

Bring yourself back to the Lab with this Dexter Laboratory Adult Costume. You’ll be yelling at Dee Dee and talking with an accent as you roam the laboratory


THE WORLD WILL BE YOURS!Remember when you were just a toddler and converted your parent’s secret basement into a laboratory where you could engage in all sorts of innovative (and only occasionally world-threatening) experiments?  No?  You weren’t a scientific genius before you were eight?  Well, that’s okay.  After all, the only one we know is a cartoon character, so who can really be sure of his actual credentials.  Plus, now that you’re fully grown, you have one thing he’ll never have:  the ability to choose your own bedtime! With that power at your disposal, you can easily catch up to Dexter’s genius.  Now, you might not find a trans-dimensional world in your closet or a secret underground lair.  Perhaps you won’t even have an energetic older sister who is going to constantly distract you from science while also prompting you to create even better things.  But, one thing that we know that you’ll have is the look of the genius… and that will take you pretty far! DESIGN & DETAILSDeep in the secret lairs below our warehouse, our own genius designers have put together this Made by Us look that will bring a bright smile to your face.  Enjoy this officially licensed Dexter Costume from Dexter’s Laboratory.  Start with the glasses.  They’re flat-topped and shaded blue to give you that clever and sinister look.  Then:  the gloves.  They’re purple vinyl, the color of science.  And, of course, the bright orange wig.  What scientist isn’t a shining ginger!?  Last, and most importantly, you’ll have the lab coat, a boxy construction with giant oval “buttons” that completes your genius.JUST WATCH OUT FOR DEE-DEENow that your scientific prowess will be complete thanks to this Dexter look, you’ll be ready to take over the world with your brilliance.  We should warn you, though:  we have a Dee-Dee costume, too.  So… she’s definitely out there just waiting to ballet dance her way through your science.  But, c’mon… what could be more fun than that combo!?