Adult Deluxe Hulk Costume for True Marvel Transformation

Bring the Avengers green superhero to life wearing this Adult Deluxe Hulk Costume.


No Banner! Only Hulk!What have you been up to for the last 2 years? The Hulk has spent the last 2 years becoming a star. He has been battering every challenger that The Grandmaster throws at him. He’s also been living in a swanky top level apartment with a hot tub on Sakaar. And did we mention that his new best friend is Valkyrie? Seems like things are working out pretty good for him! Of course, Bruce Banner hasn’t been quite so lucky with this little arrangement. The last thing he remembers is cruising through space in the Quinjet.The good news is that you don’t have to go full Hulk-mode when you dress up like the Marvel character. You can still “keep one hand on the wheel” when you wear this adult Hulk costume, which is inspired by Avengers: Infinity War.Product DetailsThis deluxe costume is officially licensed from Marvel and comes with everything you need to look like the Hulk. It comes with a printed green jumpsuit that has some wicked muscles sculpted into the chest and arms. The bottom portion of the costume is designed to look like a pair of ripped jeans and each leg ends in a green foot cover, so you can wear your favorite pair of shoes with this outfit. Of course, you can’t be The Hulk without a mean look on your face, which is why this costume comes with a molded mask to round out the look.Time for War!Now, just remember that this costume doesn’t grant any sort of superhero strength, so don’t go challenging Thanos to a boxing matching while wearing it. He’ll probably give you a good thumping if you do! It will, however, turn you into the powerhouse of your Avengers: Infinity War group costume!