Adult Crazy Clown Mask for a Night of Mayhem and Twisted Fun

Scare everyone in sight with this Crazy Clown Mask. This exclusive mask features a classic greasepaint look with tufts of green hair.


Clowns are always surrounded by balloons, laughter, and good times. Lost in all those laughs and vibrant colors is whatever the heck they’re hiding. Have you ever thought about that? What are they compensating for? Why do they crave love and attention so much? Is it something more sinister than a need for the spotlight behind their face paint, funky clothes, ear-to-ear grin and grouchy-green hair? If we had to guess, it seems like those menacing blue slits for eyes aren’t hiding a cheerful disposition.Hopefully you don’t have anything sinister to hide and merely want to clown around! But either way, our Crazy Clown Mask will do the trick. The latex mask has eye and mouth-holes and an elastic band that secures it around your head. Do you have your bag of tricks ready? What’s in there, anyway? Our bag has a few decks of cards, more of these masks, some weird shaped balloons, multiple banana peels, and some fireworks. No, we will not explain ourselves! No more questions, just take this mask and get your clown on. We don’t recommend walking around at night in this though, especially, like, without friends or anything. It gives the wrong impression.