Adult Black Panther Deluxe Dora Milaje Costume for Wakanda Fans

Join the all female military force Dora Milaje from the movie Black Panther with this adult Black Panther deluxe Dora Milaje Costume.


So, you’re a Dora Milaje?So, sorry not sorry, you’re secret’s not safe with us. Unbeknownst to all your friends, you’re actually a part of a royal fighting force that’s tasked with protecting your king. And since you’re from Wakanda, your king, of course, is T’Challa! Don’t worry, we don’t have to tell all your secrets, like the fact that T’Challa is actually the Black Panther. We do have to advise you though, to start showing off that you’re a proud warrior and member of the Dora Milaje. And, to do that, just get this Deluxe Dora Milaje Women’s Costume!Product DetailsThis Black Panther Dora Milaje Costume is styled based off of the 2018 Black Panther movie, and is Marvel Comics officially licensed. It comes with a tunic, pants, and belt. The tunic top secures with hook and loop fastener strips at the center back and fits with an elastic waistband. It has attached foam gauntlets, shoulder guards, and a collar that look metallic. The pants fit with an elastic waist, and have attached foam boot covers that secure under the foot with elastic bands. Just slip on the belt to complete the style, it secures in the center back with hook and loop fastener strips, and features a warrior’s symbol on the front.A great ideaWe think it’d be a great idea to team up with Black Panther this Halloween. We’re sure you’ll strike fear into all the bad guys, and probably save the day, too! This Dora Milaje costume works great to become a member of his royal guard, or to portray heroes Okoye or Nakia. And, by the way, we are your source for all things Marvel Comics related, so shop our entire superhero costumes section to get all the costumes and accessories you’ll need!