Adhesive & Remover Acrylbond

Add some special effects to your costume with this Acrylbond Adhesive & Remover kit. This water-based formula goes on white then turns clear to attach any latex, foam, silicone, or hair appliances.


How Ap-peel-ingLike a scene out of a horror film, you slowly peel-up your face. The sound of it separating from your cheeks and nose is barely audible but it makes you shiver as the final corner of lifts. You look in the mirror to inspect your work. Beneath the layer of thick skin, fake blood, and make-up you’ve revealed your completely normal and unterrifying face. All your human skin is still there, no blood or skull is visible—your Halloween prosthetics are thrown to the side of the sink. All in all, you’d classify your latest Halloween look a stunning success from application to removal.Product DetailsMake sure all your Halloween make-ups go according to plan by using the right tools. This 2-in-one set of Adhesive and Remover will help you put all your latex, foam, silicone, and hair in place. For any zombie, werewolf, or other prosthetically enhanced faces, this Acrylbond kit will work its magic and help bring your next Halloween character to life.Face ItHalloween wouldn’t be the same without attempting to recreate the looks found in make-up tutorials. You’ve altered a few to enhance your own Halloween characters in the past, but this year you want to go for the full effect. With this Acrylbond Adhesive & Remover, you can confidently wear your favorite outrageous, frightening, or enchanting Halloween make-up looks.