10″ Black Cat Skeleton with Crystal Eyes Decoration

Add this spooky 10 inch Black Crystal Eyes Cat Skeleton to your Halloween decor. The creepy eyes on this cat will give guests a good scare!

Items Included

  • Cat Skeleton


  • Realistic look with movable skull and jawbone
  • Molded plastic



THE EYES HAVE ITYou may want to beware of this cat. Unlike most kitties, there’s no need to fear her teeth or claws— this fearsome feline has bewitching eyes capable of causing more damage than a little bite or a few scratches. If you stare too long, you could potentially fall under her mysterious spell and there’s no telling what could happen next— like we said, it’s mysterious. The black cat could possess you to do something silly like quack like a duck or feed her treats or she could manipulate you to do all her evil bidding. Chances are, she’ll coax you into making her a bed of catnip while petting her behind her ears and feeding her spoonfuls of tuna. That doesn’t sound so bad, does it? PRODUCT DETAILSIf you’re up for being this kitty’s fur mom (even though she lacks fur of any kind) then we will gladly tell you more about her. She’s approximately 10-inches tall, made from plastic, and painted with opaque black paint. The crystal eyes are attached to her eye sockets and serve as the only color on this otherwise all-black decoration. A PURR-FECT SCENECreate a spooky scene with the help of this black cat skeleton. Add it to a spellbinding scene by positioning it next to a witch and her cauldron.